My name is Alastair David Sherringham.

I was born in 1965 in Gibraltar and went to school in Suffolk and Northamptonshire before moving to Edinburgh and going to the Royal High School.

After leaving school, I went to Edinburgh University and studied Physics, getting a BSc (Hons) 1st Class. On graduation, I moved to London to do a Masters degree in Computing (Conversion) at Imperial College. From here I could no longer avoid work ...

I have worked at the following companies and had a variety of roles. These include computer programming, technical support, systems and network administration, web development and writing software manuals.

I like Linux, Modern Perl, Python, Vim, Mozilla, FOSS and the World Wide Web.

Apart from all the technical stuff, I love reading, art, history and science.

My current work at Digital Vision includes release and development engineering, software documentation, intranet development and maintenance, systems and network administration and various other things here and there. A bit of everything to keep things fresh.

alastair /at/